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At least in that way, the drink is functional. The unique functional ingredient, meanwhile, is microbes. The recent spike in popular awareness that not all bacteria are evil—and that many are good and necessary to human health—has created a sort of fascination with live cultures and fermented products. That idea has brought the centuries-old drink roaring into upper-middle class consciousness at $5 per bottle in New York bodegas. So chapter one of your fermented-health book would be “What is kombucha?” It’s a short chapter; space can be filled with illustrations. Kombucha is a sugar-sweetened tea (black or green) that has been mixed with yeast and bacteria and then given time to ferment. The microbes are together known as a SCOBY (symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast). The entity looks like a pallid slab of human subcutaneous tissue, or a shiny undercooked pancake. It is alive and self-perpetuating—new starter colonies (sometimes known as “daughters”) typically come from other kombucha (“big momma”). The drink has been around in some form for between 2000 and 200 years—its history is shrouded in mystery , but it does involve transport out of Asia by German World War I POWs, and then seeding in California during the AIDS epidemic. The mass-market U.S.

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